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Why Empowered Women Put Pleasure First (International Women’s Day 2018)

International Women's Day 2018

I passionately believe in pleasure as a healing tool for women.

Why? Because choosing to cultivate pleasure is to be empowered! When you decide that you will feel good, no matter what the media or society will tell you, you’re taking your power back.

As a sex coach, it makes me so sad to meet women who were never taught about pleasure and then wonder why sex feels bad. Pleasure is the reason we have sex in the first place, but if you don’t know how to feel pleasure in the first place- is it any wonder you feel, “meh” in the bedroom?

For me, I will role model this by pursuing pleasure both inside and outside of the bedroom. I will decide to feel good in my body, no matter what size it is or how many rolls of fat there are on my belly.

What if- I dare to dream- every woman decided that she will put her pleasure higher up on her priorities list?

And it’s not just about sex, either. In general, women suffer more from auto immune diseases than men.

Why? We’ll never really know, but I suspect it’s because we are conditioned to sacrifice our wellbeing for others by being care takers #emotionallabor

I see a world where all women shamelessly pursue their pleasure. Where feeling yummy in our bodies isn’t dependent on our body shape or size.

Happy International Women’s Day, my friends!

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