The Shameless Woman

Hello you,

The world is changing fast, isn’t it? You can barely keep up with everything that’s happening, let alone what is going on in your own life right now. 

And let's face it, there is a LOT going on.

Work.  Business.  Family.  Monday.  Health.  Pandemic.

Especially within your relationship and sexuality.

Before I go on, let me ask you: what’s really holding you back from having the pleasure and satisfaction you really want?

I think I know the answer already:

“I don’t know what I want!”

You know that you want to feel MORE from sex, intimacy, and pleasure, but you don’t know what that MORE is yet.

Here’s what else I know about you, if you’re reading this:

You’re telling yourself that you’re too damn busy and tired

You’re running a business, you’re working, you’re in bloody quarantine, so whyyyy think about sex?

Because you feel a sinking feeling every time you stare at the ceiling. 

A shame that you “should” feel more, but don’t. 

Because it’s not just your sex life that’s suffering, let’s be honest?

You can’t bear to look at yourself in the mirror

You struggle to set boundaries with people

You really want to have MORE in your life, but you don’t know what that MORE is yet. 

Sure, you pretend you’re confident in other areas of your life. 

But a sexy, sexual woman? Nooooo!!

You’ve always wanted “that” confidence, but never had it.

You told yourself you’re too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too old, too shy, too prudish or whatever

Maybe you can’t bear to touch your body, and sometimes you feel frumpy, tired, and just BLEUGH.

So let’s switch this round and imagine complete freedom.

Freedom to dance, to move your body, free to be unapologetically yourself.

Or… free to be ravishing, delicious, irresistible, insatiable, divine, seductive?

Admit it, those words never felt like you, did they?

You were the sensible one. You’re a mum. Or a daughter. Or whatever else you identify as in your day to day life when you’re being a grown arse woman.

You like to dress feminine, but not “too much”.

No no no, never, “too much”.

Not a slut, not sexy like “those” girls.

You shudder at the oversexualization of women in the media and vow you will never be taken advantage of.

Or maybe you have a hidden story you never tell anybody about because it’s too painful a memory.

Even though you think of yourself as an empowered woman in your day to day life, romantically and sexually, it’s just not working, is it?

You’ve struggled with this for years. You can’t get over this hangover of shame and disgust at your body.

You’ve maybe even come from a conservative or religious background too. It was drummed into you from childhood that somehow your body was deeply wrong.

Shame is a deep story for you, and now you’re ready to release it.

Let me paint a picture for you:

What would it take to be *finally* free?

To throw off your clothes and dance?

To feel not only comfortable taking your top off, but relish in it? 

To feel no shame- and give no f*cks- about what you want?

Here’s what I know that you’ve been missing:

You’ve left out your body.

How do you feel about your body? How do you feel naked? How do you feel when I say the word, “vulva”? How do you feel talking about sex with your friends?

If you get chills or a tingle in your belly when you read this, then I know this is for you. 

2020 is your wakeup call and there’s no going back now

So let’s begin. 


The Shameless Woman Program

I’m calling in 15 beautiful, fearless, bold souls who feel called for more in their life: love, life, and sex.

Womxn who are ready to face their inner taboos, inner demons, and inner shame and transform them into fearless allies.

Women who want to live outrageously, on fire, sensually, and in their erotic energy. 

This is for you if you want to become truly SHAMELESS

  • Liberated
  • Free
  • Unapologetic
  • Turned On

Womxn who are ready to completely shake up their relationship with sex and intimacy.

This isn’t just another “sex” course.

This isn’t a course on how to please your man or partner in bed.

And it definitely isn’t just a course on how to have wild sex. 

It’s a complete reset and make over. 

Sure, you can take classes. There are so many amazing resources out there such as books, podcasts, online resources, toys, videos, the lot. I recommend many of these to my clients and anybody who asks. 

Thing is, you’ve done that, but has it shifted yet? No.

You need not just amazing literature and videos, you need the support of a group of women behind you.

MAGIC happens in a group. 

WHO are you?

  • You’ve always been a bit of a rebel. You’ve never really fitted in
  • You know that there should be more to love and sex, but have no idea where to start
  • You’re a misfit and a troublemaker, and were always shamed for that
  • You passionately believe in equal rights, inclusivity, social justice, and healing AND you want to feel in ease and flow.
  • You want a better world of equal rights for all, for girls to be empowered, and for women/womxn to step into their power all over the world
  • You want to dive deep into what it is to be who you really are as a completely free, erotic, sensual, sexual, and fierce being
  • You want complete integration: mind, body, soul, spirit, and sexuality
  • You refuse to settle in the rest of your life, and now refuse to settle in sex and love too
  • You believe that pleasure is important but struggle to embody it in your life and relationship/s
  • You’re no stranger to, “the work”. You’re fully committed to showing up. Now you’re ready for the next step
  • You’ve prayed, you’ve manifested, journalled, danced, done shamanic rituals, opened all your chakras, written forgiveness letters, maybe tried a yoni egg, and now you’re ready for the next step
  • You’re determined to do better for your kids so that they can grow up without the shame you received

This is also for you if:

  • You’re nervous about this. You’ve been playing around with working on “sex”  for a while, and you need a final butt-kick

  • You’ve done your years of therapy, you’ve talked your heart out, you’ve read all the theories but still… it hasn’t shifted

  • You grew up in a conservative or religious household, community or culture. You were taught that anything to do with sex or your body was somehow, “wrong”, “bad”, or even, “dirty”.

Even when you started to become sexually active as a grown woman, you still couldn’t shake off this feeling that something was… WRONG… with being naked or doing sexy things. 

You feel called to finally release your shame and step into your brightest, boldest, sexiest self. 

self love means pleasure, self love, pleasure, Lucy Rowett, sex and relationship coach, Brighton

Does this sound yummy to you?

Here’s just some of what you’ll get from The Shameless Woman program:

  • Complete and utter freedom to be yourself. All of you. 

  • Unshakeable body confidence. 

  • Complete bedroom confidence

  • Being able to ask for exactly what you want… and then receive it

  • The ability to receive deep, deep pleasure

  • The ability to give pleasure in the way you want to

  • The ability to finally, deeply hear your body

  • Complete permission to say NO to anything you don’t want

  • Complete permission to say YESSS to anything and everything you do want, and could ever possibly want

  • More satisfying, deeper, richer, and earth shattering orgasms

  • Or the ability to orgasm

  • Living orgasmically

  • To be able to drink in every drop of pleasure from every moment

  • Feeling sexy and sensual in your own skin at any age, size, shape, body type, or physical ability

  • To stick a big middle finger up to your upbringing, your past, what your family, or even what your partner think of you

WHO am I?

Hiya, I’m Lucy Rowett.

Not only am I a certified sex coach and clinical sexologist (my official sounding titles), I’m a woman who has dedicated herself to the study and lived experience of eroticism. 

I love combining the science with the woo, the mind and the body, the heart and the soul. I use elements from sexology, tantra, taoism, trauma theory, embodiment, and somatic tools. 

I live in Brighton, United Kingdom and before lockdown, I was travelling a lot for work and training. 

I’ve been quoted in major online publications such as Glamour, Dare Magazine, Mind Body Green, Brides Magazine, Sexual Health Magazine, Tinder Swipe Life, Womanizer, Dames, Men’s Health Australia, and Oprah Magazine. 

I guess that means I’m pretty well respected in my field!

I have trained with leaders in this field, received the BEST in sexology training including through certification through Sex Coach U, Sexual Diversity Training with Pink Therapy, counselling certificates, trauma awareness training, and various other CPD trainings that I forget to count. 

My approach is down to earth and working with all parts of you. Your mind, emotions, body, energy and spirit.

What’s more, I’ve got real credentials to back it up too.

I’m a professional member of the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) and I’m also fully insured.


Because I care about my work and I care about your transformation. I’ve invested in my training and I continue to invest in my continued professional development. I can honestly say, I bloody LOVE what I do!

I’m proudly sex-positive, kink-friendly, pro-eroticism, GSRD aware, and sex-worker friendly. 

Think of me as your sexual cheerleader and pleasure permission slip-giver. 

The sister who’s giving you the sex education you never got at high school.

The Shameless Woman is everything I give to my private clients, and then more. 


Your sexiness and lust for life have absolutely nothing to do with… 

… what size you are. 

… how old you are

… how many kids you have had– or not had

… what medical conditions you have

… what your day job is

zero. zilch. nada

They are all stories you are telling yourself and that you have been told by the world we live in.

Now substitute that for anything else that you really want for your sex life and relationships, and what you’ve been telling yourself. 

Forget everything you have been taught about sex, sexuality, desire, and intimacy.

And I’m talking ESPECIALLY the sex ed you got in high school (if you got any at all), what your mum told you (or didn’t tell you), what you were told by your faith community, the aunties, those bitchy girls, music videos, advertising or literally anywhere else. 

I am calling you for a complete flip upside down. 

This is only for the brave women/womxn because healing your sexuality is only for badasses.

You’re going to be going against EVERYTHING you were taught and EVERYTHING you believed. 

You’re going to get really uncomfortable

You’re going to have “those” conversations

And your friends and partner are going to wonder what the hell happened to you.

And you won’t care anymore because for once in your life, you’re doing this just for you.

You’re claiming your sexuality back on your own terms, your own rules, your own body. 

You’re not doing this just to have more orgasms

Or to try out a couple of new positions and wear a fancy new bra

Those you can have, and more, but you’re doing this for something more. 

You’re not just doing this for you. You’re not just doing this for your relationship or marriage. You’re not even just doing this for your kids so that they can grow up free from shame.

You’re actually doing this for all the women who came before you, the women who are in your life, and the women who will come after you.

By clearing this, you are clearing the bonds from your ancestors and from all the oppression that has kept women/womxn down. 

You’re going to be f*cking the patriarchy in the most delicious way. 


I will shake you up. I will nudge you to confront your taboos. I will edge you out of your comfort zone while at the same time helping you to feel even more confident in setting your boundaries. 

We will be exploring themes such as consent, boundaries, shame, the taboo, the dark erotic, pain/pleasure.

This isn’t fluffy woo love and light. This will be edgy. You need to go down to go up. 


This is a 12 week journey in a container with other women. 

We start on July 15th for an opening circle, and then meet weekly for 12 weeks on a Thursday evening. The closing circle is on October 2nd. 

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded if you can’t make them live. 

We will meet on Thursday evenings, for between 90 minutes to 2 hours

Each session will start with dancing, a meditation, and a check in. Everything will be fully clothed.

There will be a closed Facebook group for you to share your experiences and processing. 


Pillar 1

Week 1 – My Story

Week 2- Safety

Week 3- Shame

Week 4- My body

Pillar 2

Week 1 – My pleasure

Week 2 – Sexual energy

Week 3 – My vulva

Week 4 – Self pleasuring

Pillar 3

Week 1 – The Taboo and Fantasy

Week 2 – Ask for what you want

Week 3 – Your relationship/s

Week 4 – Closing the gap

And more BONUSES!


Your erotic toolkit: complete guide to pleasure and erotic wellness to create your daily practice. [Valued at £97]


Class on mastering sexual communication [Valued at £107]


Vulva and heart meditation audio [Valued at £47]


5 day course on mastering your pleasure [Valued at £197]


Facebook support and community [Valued at £197]

And there's more !

There are a series of guest teachers lined up to give even MORE value to your experience, but I’ll share them soon. 

The Shameless Woman will be a deeply healing and fully transformational experience. 

It’s not the same as therapy, but it will be just as profound.

Your investment

Enroll before July 1, 2020 and pay the early bird rate of £997

Enroll after July 1, and the price is £1,222

Payment plans are available for both options

Working with me 1:1 will cost you a lot more than this, which is why this group experience is something different

What they said

“Working with Lucy is one of the best self care decisions I ever made. I am getting to know my body like I never had a chance to do before And no, it is not only about sex, vulva and orgasms. It has a lot to do with finding pleasure in everyday life. Through Lucy’s guidance I am reconnecting with my body, I am learning to read it’s signals and how to take good care of it. Lucy is a kind and generous soul whose level of patience never ceases to amaze me. She gently nudges me to leave my comfort zone at the same time encouraging me to set boundaries. If you are looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced coach who is friendly, sensitive and has a good sense of humour, I definitely recommend working with Lucy!”

“I felt so comfortable and natural working with Lucy on such personal material. She created a loving, safe, nurturing space in which I felt held, and free to talk about anything I needed to. She's also down-to-earth and super friendly! Thank you Lucy :)”

“Lucy is truly incredible at helping remove the stories of shame and guilt brought from childhood so you can let go and actually orgasm... and love your sex”


Do I need to be in a relationship or married to take part in this?

No you don’t! Because we’ll be working just on you and your sexuality. This work will enrich your relationship or marriage if you’re in one, and will prepare you for a more fulfilling relationship if you’re currently single. Whether you’re single, dating, in a long term relationship, in an open relationship, poly, or been married for 20 years, you’ll benefit from this.

I’ve done a lot of work in therapy already, will this make any difference?

I don’t make any guarantees, only you know what’s right for you. I know my work is most effective for women who’ve already done work in therapy or coaching, because I know you’ll be more receptive. This will also work for you if you’ve already tried tantra, conscious sexuality, or have engaged in sex therapy or coaching. 

What if I feel uncomfortable or weird?

Some of this may be very new to you, some may not be. Part of the work is you learning to voice your boundaries and listen to when something is a hard, “NO”. I will also challenge you to lean into the feelings of discomfort and suspend your judgment from time to time to expand your container. There will be no nudity or physical contact during this program, and everything that happens in the program is confidential. If something is too much for you, please let me know by Facebook PM or an email at lucy@lucyrowett.com

How do I pay?

Your payment will be secure via Stripe, I do not receive your bank details. If you select the payment plan option, your bank account will be debited each month.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! You can choose to pay in 3 monthly installments. You’ll be sent an invoice by Stripe and the money will be taken from your account each month.

Can you guarantee that this will change my life?

I try not to make any guarantees because this is completely down to you. If you do the work, this will change your life. But you need to be pro-active and to do the work, otherwise you won’t see the results you want.

What if I can’t attend the classes live?

It’s ideal if you can attend live, but sometimes you are too tired and need some down time, I get that. All classes will be available as a recording and emailed to you within 48 hours.

I really want to do this, but my life is so busy! How can I make this work?

I hear you. You’ll need to set aside around 2 hours per week for this, plus a morning practice, and extra time for journaling. You will find the time, and find that it is something that adds to your life, not subtracts. 

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program?

There is a 10 day window after you’ve sent your first payment until July 1, but then after that there are no refunds, sorry. I am investing a lot of my time and energy into this program and I expect that once you financially commit, you honour your side of the agreement. If you find that the program is too much for you, I am happy to discuss alternative ways for us to work together to make this more doable for you. 

Lucy Rowett, sex and relationships coach in Brighton

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