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FINALLY! Are you ready to experience bed-shaking, soul connecting and passion filled sex? Then read below!

Discover how you can feel uninhibited in your body, more connected to your partner, feel confident to show your partner exactly what you want, and experience hot passion, by becoming a sexually empowered woman. You are the ultimate sex goddess. 

I am a sex and relationships coach. I believe that feeling happy and sexually satisfied is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the quality of your relationships. It isn’t, “the cherry on top” or “well, it’s not great but our relationship is ok”.

When your sex life is suffering, it has a knock-on effect on your relationship and the rest of your life too.

You lose your confidence and the bedroom becomes a battle-ground rather than a place of fun, pleasure and exploration.

Lucy Rowett, sex goddess, sex and relationships coach, Brighton

If you’re on this page, I want to give you a hug and say a big “well done” for landing on here.

Your path here probably wasn’t easy and I guess you’re feeling confused and nervous about what to do next. Admitting that you are struggling sexually, that there is a problem and you need help can feel very painful, so I want to acknowledge the big step you’ve taken, just now.

You’re here because you know that there is more to sex than what you’re currently having.

You’re worrying if you’re “normal”, and frantically asking yourself why your body isn’t responding the way you want it to.

You’ve got the rest of your life in order: your career, family, finances, staying healthy, now it’s just this final piece of the puzzle… you want to start really enjoying sex again.

Everyone else is having multiple orgasms, marathon lovemaking sessions and are confident lovers, right?

And you want this too.

You WANT to feel confident taking your clothes off with the lights on without worrying about your partner seeing your wobbly bits.

You WANT to actually look forward to going to bed. You want to feel your knickers getting wet and the fluttering of desire at the thought of pouncing on your lover.

You DREAM of getting back that tearing-eachothers’-clothes-off-and-falling-onto-the-floor-in-a-hot-sweaty-mess that you used to have.

You don’t want to feel like you have to act like a porn star in bed; you want to experience real pleasure where you don’t have to fake it.

What’s more, you KNOW that your body is capable of SO much more pleasure than what you’re currently experiencing, which feels just kind of “meh” right now.

sex goddess, sex and relationship coach, Lucy Rowett

“Everyone else is having amazing sex, so why can’t I??”

Admitting that sex is difficult for you and that you need help isn’t easy. You may feel ashamed and like a failure as a woman because you just don’t enjoy sex anymore.

Before I tell you more about me, I want to let you into a little secret:

You think that everyone else is having epic sex, every day, with multiple orgasms? It’s a LIE.

Yes, SEX everywhere. You know that SEX SELLS, You can go and buy some gorgeous lingerie and a rampant rabbit. You can read “10 tips to give him amazing oral sex” or “5 secrets to blow her mind in bed”. You can try watching porn to see if it gives you a tickle.

I would hazard a guess that at least 75% of people feel unhappy and unsatisfied in the bedroom. That’s 3 out of 4 people.

This is how I can help you

Lucy Rowett, sex coach, sex and relationship coach in Brighton

Hi, I’m Lucy.

I’m a Certified Sex Coach ™ and a clinical sexologist, writer, empath and passionate tea-drinker from Brighton.

Before I was a Sex Coach, I was just as confused about sex just like you are now.

I grew up in a religious household where sex was something “dirty” and “dangerous” where you had to keep it in your knickers until marriage. When I decided to break away and start my own exploration, I was almost clueless and had no idea where to start.

I didn’t know how my body worked, I had never experienced and orgasm and I was too shy to ask for what I wanted.

Fast forward 8 years of exploration in the world of spirituality, Tantra, personal development and finally, clinical sexology.

I have trained with leaders in this field, received the BEST in sexology training and have a whole network of amazing professionals I can call my colleagues and friends.

What’s more, I’ve got real credentials.

I’m a professional member of the World Association of Sex Coaches and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists, and am fully insured. I care about my work and I care about your transformation.

You can learn more about me here.

WASC, sex coaching Eastbourne, sex coach, Lucy Rowett
ASIS, sex coaching Eastbourne, Brighton, sex coach, Lucy Rowett

I’m proudly sex-positive, kink-friendly, pro-eroticism, LGBTQIA+ friendly. Basically, I’m your sexual cheerleader.

Every time I talk about what I do (and to be fair, that’s pretty often), everyone keeps asking: “Why aren’t they teaching this in schools?!”

Isn’t it crazy that if you get sex education at all (oh jeez, do I have stories to tell you about the terrible sex ed that I got back in the 00’s), it was usually how to put a condom on a banana and how to not get pregnant or a stern talk about why you must stay abstinent until married.

The message you will have received would have been:


It’s my mission to make less TABOO, less SCARY and less CONFUSING so that we can actually have AMAZING sex. I want to help you overcome your shame and embarrassment so that you can break through to feeling like the sex goddess you really are.

Don’t you want this?

Wherever you are in your sexual journey, you might be thinking that it will be completely impossible to become that juicy, sensual woman who’s completely comfortable with her body and joyfully runs to bed.

This is where the Ultimate Sex Goddess Program will help you.

Over 12 weeks, we’re going to work together to radically transform your sex life, your relationship and how you feel about your body. We’ll be working either face to face in Brighton or Eastbourne, United Kingdom, or via Zoom if you’re further afield.

I’m not going to just give you “6 sex tips to blow his mind”, tell you to just go buy some sexy lingerie or show you some acrobatic new sex positions to “get you in the mood”.

Why? Because you can do a Google search and find this already, and I bet you’ve tried this too.

I’m also not going to be standing in your bedroom, actually watching you have sex or force you to do anything that is a firm “NO” for you.

The process may feel a little strange, and I will ask to gently push your comfort zones and bounce your sexual boundaries. We’ll be diving into areas that usually nobody talks about. I’ll need you to be brutally honest with me, and for you to be willing to feel vulnerable.

Because that’s where the healing occurs.

What the process will include:

Over 12 weeks, we’ll dive into what’s really blocking you from experiencing the sex, love and intimacy you really, truly desire.

We’ll be working with all of the parts of you


Your self-talk, your beliefs, what you think about your body or your sexual performance, your fantasies, limiting thought patterns or negative thoughts.


How you FEEL! Feelings you carry from the past, how you feel about your body or your body image, what emotions you suppress or express, how you express your emotions and how you handle intimacy. It’s how you let love in or keep love out.

Body and Body Image issues

Your physical self. How you feel comfortable or not comfortable in your body, your sexual response cycle, knowing your anatomy, learning skills to be a successful lover (by yourself or with a partner).


Sex is about ENERGY! Think of your desire like life force energy so if your libido has disappeared so has your hunger for life. You can think of energy like the build up, the anticipation, your sexual expression and how you infuse your sexual energy into your life. Energy is often an overlooked part of sexuality and in my one on one work I observe your energy patterns.


Your essence of who you are. This isn’t necessarily about a particular spiritual or religious belief, it’s however you interpret sex and spirit. It’s the transcendence that comes from peak sexual experiences, esoteric moments, sacred sexuality and how you express your inner self through sexuality. I see sex as a pathway to experience the divine and can help guide you through the process to find your inner path.

I’ll be guiding you to start cultivating more PLEASURE in your everyday life. I’ll be giving you PERMISSION to want what you want, to like what you like and actually RECEIVE IT.

Lucy Rowett, sex goddess, sex and relationships coach, Brighton

Here’s how it works:

  • 6 in-depth and transformational 90 minute sessions
  • Guided meditations and breathing exercises
  • Downloadable PDFs and worksheets
  • Email support

We’ll spend 90 minutes each fortnight getting crystal clear on where your bedroom blocks are, and then give you fun and most importantly, actionable tools to transform them.

Sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs, you set the pace. We could be doing breathing exercises, body-based exercises, movement, journaling, artwork, checking out resources or even a field trip!

Everything will be fully clothed, so wear whatever feels comfy. There won’t be any weirdness, I’ll be your friend and companion who’s going to cheerlead you on your path of sexual self-discovery. No questions or secrets are off limits, nothing is going to freak me out and I will definitely NOT judge you.

Each session is dynamic, and we work together on you.

Awesome, right? Think of me like your sexual fairy godmother, here to give you the gift that you’ve actually always had all along: Your joy, bliss and juiciness!

Don't just take my word for it. Here's what some of my wonderful clients say:

testimonial, sex goddess, sex and relationship coach, Lucy Rowett
sex goddess, sex and relationship coach, Lucy Rowett

Your Investment

The price for the 12 week program is £475.

You can pay it in full, or in a 2 part payment plan, whatever is most convenient for you. You can pay via BACS, Stripe or PayPal, I’ll send you an invoice with easily clickable links to pay.

You are investing in your relationship and your happiness.

If you’re thinking, “But, sex is natural! It should just happen all by itself”, then think about this:

You take lessons to learn how to drive, how to make pizza, how to do crochet, how to ski, how to swim, how to give massage and even how to meditate.

So why don’t you learn to have pleasurable, fun and juicy sex that leaves you feeling satisfied too?.

“When can I start?”

You can start RIGHT NOW!

First, you need book a free 30 minute Transformation Call with me to see if we would be the right fit, then I will send you the intake forms, your invoice and we schedule our sessions!

I’ll be with you during the whole process, you are not alone anymore and you won’t be suffering in silence.

Everything that happens in session is fully confidential, the only exceptions are if I feel that you or somebody else is at risk of serious harm (because your wellbeing and mental health are my priority) or if I need to share something with a supervisor or another trusted colleague if I need another expert opinion. Your details will be kept anonymous and your privacy will be protected. 

To your inner sex goddess and living a life filled with pleasure

Lucy xx


I know how scary and vulnerable it feels asking for help with sexuality, this is why you can speak to me for 30 minutes for free with no obligation to commit to the full program. If you’re fed up of having no confidence in the bedroom, if you’re fed up of feeling shy and awkward and you’ve tried LITERALLY EVERYTHING else, then I’m here for you.


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