I host workshops on sex, sexuality, relationships and spirituality in Eastbourne and Brighton, in the UK. 

These are the next events!

Awaken Your Sensuality

Date: February 16th, 2019

Join Lucy Rowett and Ann O’Keife for a cozy afternoon to add some heat to the dark winter months.

This workshop is open to all women who want to cultivate their juiciness and add some va-va-voom to their love life. If you’ve been feeling in a rut, you’ve gone through a life transition, feel like your love life has completely dried up and feel like you’re in a creative “slump”, it’s time to awaken your senses and start feeling yummy again!

Your creativity is linked to your sexual energy, so let’s stimulate your erotic imagination and stoke the fires of self-love to awaken your natural juiciness.

In this workshop we’ll be covering:

* Setting intentions for what you want to bring into your sensuality and love life
* Mindfulness and sensual meditations to awaken your senses
* Creating your own sexy mantra
* Exploring what your dream fantasies are
* Writing a love letter to yourself

This workshop will be a safe space for women and will be fully clothed, so wear what you feel comfy in or something that feels sensual. Lucy and Ann will create a safe and fun container for you to let go, explore and have some deep belly laughs.

You’ll leave with a big smile on your face, wiggling your hips and a spring in your step which will carry you through the weekend!

Your investment: 

Full price: £45
Karma card price: £35

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vulva art workshop, sex and relationship coach, Lucy Rowett


Date: February 23rd, 2019

Let’s talk about.. The VULVA!

It’s very common to see penises drawn everywhere, but vulvas? Nope! If you received any sex education in high school, you probably weren’t taught about the vulva. This meant that generations of women and vulva owners have grown up feeling embarrassed, confused and ashamed of their bodies.

Body shame is something that all women experience, and this can have a negative effect on your self-esteem and your relationships. Maybe you feel that your vulva is ugly, weird or the lips are an odd shape?

Let’s change that. Let’s help you reclaim your body, reclaim your genitals, and find your inner power.

VA VA VULVA! Is a workshop open to all women and vulva owners to celebrate your glorious anatomy… the vulva!

We’ll be creating art celebrating the vulva which you can take home. Whether you want to paint, collage, doodle or draw, this is your space to explore and get creative!

We’ll provide all the materials- including magazines, glitter, paint, feathers, buttons, glue and pens- and you are welcome to bring any other materials you wish. We’ll provide inspiration, and use Lucy’s famous vulva pillow to help you celebrate all things vulva-liscious.

This workshop will be fully clothed, and we’ll provide snacks and teas. All you need to bring is yourself, any other art materials you want and a bag to proudly carry your art home.

Here are some ideas of what you can create:

  • A vulva-liscious card to give
    to your lover.
  • A celebratory self-portrait.
  • A beautiful icon to scan into
    your computer and use as wallpaper on your home screen.
  • A piece to put on your vision board.
  • A luscious portrait to hang over your bed.

The possibilities are endless, so what do you feel like creating to celebrate your vulva?

By the end of the workshop, you’ll hopefully leave feeling:

  • More confident in your gorgeous
  • More comfortable with and knowledgeable about your glorious anatomy.
  • More empowered about your vulva.
  • Confident enough to say the word, VAGINA, without going red in the face!

Your investment: 

Social Society Paid Members: £18

Non-members: £20

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Restfest Wellness Festival Retreat March 2019

Date: March 17th, 2019

Join me and many other fabulous teachers and speakers at RESTFEST!

 RESTFEST – the vibe of a wellness festival for women combined with the experience of a one day retreat.

Imagine a relaxing immersive day designed with busy women in mind. A unique experience for you to refresh, reconnect and reawaken.


A feminine celebration of health, wellness, relationships, fun, creativity, self empowerment and prosperity.

Workshops | Speakers | Pop-Up Spa | Discussion Bell Tents | Healthy Veggie/Vegan Catering | Being-Well Mini-Market | Therapies | Chill Out Zones | Treatments | And much more…

I’ll be teaching a workshop: Why Your Pleasure Matters.

We’ll be diving into some juicy breathing exercises, exploring what’s blocking you from experiencing pleasure and how you can make pleasure into a daily practice. 

Your investment: £59-£269

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