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Become your most authentic and powerful erotic self

Let’s talk about SEX. 
Or rather, let’s talk about how you feel in your body, your relationship with pleasure, putting your needs first, voicing what you want, and feeling unashamed. 
Because it’s not just about sex, isn’t it? 
If it was you would have gotten it all figured out by now. 
It’s way more than what you were taught in high school, what you’ve read online, or how many vibrators you own. 
If you’re on this page, I bet that like 90% of other women around the world, sex isn’t really working for you. You know that there is more to experience, and that you deserve more pleasure…. but you have no idea where to start or what to do first.
Or maybe you’ve already dabbled in some workshops and now you’re hungry to go further. 
You want to feel like a grown woman. You want to feel confident in your body, fully connected to your pleasure, and like a sensual goddess. 
You’re fed up of feeling like there are cobwebs growing between your legs. You’re fed up of unsatisfying relationships that go nowhere and bleed you dry. 

It can be overwhelming when you first decide to explore sex. Sex is a topic clouded in so much shame, secrecy, and bucket-loads more shame, that to explore it as a woman can feel overwhelming.

“Will I be called, “A slut?” or a “crazy nympho?”. What if my family find out? What if my faith community finds out?!”

From the first time you tentatively order a vibrator online, to ordering your first book on tantra, to trying your first workshop.

Here’s what I believe:

When you know your body intimately and know how to give yourself pleasure.

When you love your body exactly as it is, no matter what shape or size it is.

When you love your vulva and can name all the parts without going red in the face.

Your whole world changes, both inside and outside of the bedroom. 

Wherever you are in your journey right now, you may have no idea how you could become that juicy, sensual woman who’s completely comfortable with her body and joyfully runs to bed.

Lucy Rowett, sex goddess, sex and relationships coach, Brighton

If you’re on this page, your path here probably wasn’t easy and I guess you’re feeling confused and nervous about what to do next.

Admitting that you are struggling sexually, that there is a problem and you need help can feel very painful, so I want to acknowledge the big step you’ve taken, just now.

You’re here because you know that there is more to sex than what you’re currently having.

You’re worrying if you’re “normal”, and frantically asking yourself why your body isn’t responding the way you want it to.

You’ve got the rest of your life in order: your career, family, finances, staying healthy, now it’s just this final piece of the puzzle… you want to start really enjoying sex again.


sex goddess, sex and relationship coach, Lucy Rowett

“Everyone else is having amazing sex, so why can’t I??”

Everyone else is having multiple orgasms, marathon lovemaking sessions and are confident lovers, right?

And you want this too.

You WANT to feel confident taking your clothes off with the lights on without worrying about your partner seeing your wobbly bits.

You WANT to actually look forward to going to bed. You want to feel your knickers getting wet and the fluttering of desire at the thought of pouncing on your lover.

You DREAM of getting back that tearing-eachothers’-clothes-off-and-falling-onto-the-floor-in-a-hot-sweaty-mess that you used to have.

You don’t want to feel like you have to act like a porn star in bed; you want to experience real pleasure where you don’t have to fake it.

You want to feel energised and erotically alive, feeling fully sexually empowered and vibrant. 

What’s more, you KNOW that your body is capable of SO much more pleasure than what you’re currently experiencing, which feels just kind of “meh” right now.

This is how I can help you

Lucy Rowett, sex coach, sex and relationship coach in Brighton

Hi, I’m Lucy.

I’m a Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship coach and a clinical sexologist. I’m also writer, empath and passionate pleasure advocate from Brighton who’s slightly obsessed with tea.
I’ve been quoted in major online publications such as Glamour, Brides Magazine, Sexual Health Magazine, Tinder Swipe Life, Womanizer, Dames, Men’s Health Australia, and Oprah Magazine. I guess that means I’m pretty well respected in my field. 
I am trained in clinical sexology; which is the study of human sexual behaviour and how we think and feel about it. 
Before I was a Sex Coach, I felt just as confused about sex, pleasure, and intimacy as you may be right now. 
I was completely disconnected from my body because I grew up in the Church where sexuality was something “dirty”, “dangerous”, and we had to suppress our “ungodly desires”. 
If you’ve ever heard of “the purity movement”, I was completely immersed in it.
Fast forward 8 years of exploration in the world of spirituality, Tantra, personal development and finally, clinical sexology. Let’s say I had my fair share of bumps and heartbreaks, and also pure ecstasy, surrender, and awakening.
I have trained with leaders in this field, received the BEST in sexology training and have a whole network of amazing professionals I can call my colleagues and friends. 
My approach is down to earth and holistic- but I won’t get too “woo” on you or tell you to “embrace your feminine energy”.
What’s more, I’ve got real credentials to back it up too.
I’m a professional member of the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and am fully insured. 
Why? Because I care about my work and I care about your transformation. I’ve invested in my training and I can honestly say, I bloody LOVE what I do!
I’m proudly sex-positive, kink-friendly, pro-eroticism, and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

You can learn more about me here.

WASC, sex coaching Eastbourne, sex coach, Lucy Rowett
ASIS, sex coaching Eastbourne, Brighton, sex coach, Lucy Rowett

“Working with Lucy is one of the best self care decisions I ever made. 

I am getting to know my body like I never had a chance to do before And no, it is not only about sex, vulva and orgasms. It has a lot to do with finding pleasure in everyday life. 

Through Lucy’s guidance I am reconnecting with my body, I am learning to read it’s signals and how to take good care of it. 

Lucy is a kind and generous soul whose level of patience never ceases to amaze me. She gently nudges me to leave my comfort zone at the same time encouraging me to set boundaries.

If you are looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced coach who is friendly, sensitive and has a good sense of humour, I definitely recommend working with Lucy!”

DF, Austria

You can have it all

Love. Passionate Sex. Intimate Connection. Playfulness. And lots and lots of pleasure.

My clients tend to identify as creative, spiritually minded women who are free spirits. They’ve usually done work in therapy before, but they never worked with sexuality. 

I work with women of all orientations, whether you’re heterosexual, hetero-flexible, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or just identify as queer. You’re all welcome, I affirm all of you. 

This is for you if:

  • You feel about as far away from feeling sexy and sensual as you are from turning into a giraffe!
  • You feel confused about your body because you received negative messages about sex, sexuality, and your body growing up.
  • You feel like the spark has disappeared in your relationship and you want it back.
  • You and your partner are constantly fighting because you’re struggling with sex. 
  • Your needs and desires go to the bottom of the pile of your never-ending “To-Do” list.
  • You know that you want to experience MORE pleasure, MORE ecstasy, MORE desire… just basically MORE, but have no idea where to start or what to do first.
  • You’re struggling to be a sexual woman after having kids and you feel you’ve lost your identity. 
  • You’ve already done the work in therapy, now this is the final step you want to work through to come back to wholeness.
  • You want sexuality to be important to you because you know that it will help you show up and be more powerful and authentic.
  • You know that sexuality is a core part of being happy and fulfilled.
  • It’s now or never. You’re totally ready to transform your relationship with your body and your pleasure. 
  • You’re ready to invest- both emotionally and financially- to do this healing work and are committed to do whatever it takes.


How the Shameless Program can help you.

We’re going to work together to radically transform your sex life, your relationship and how you feel about your body. We’ll be working either face to face in Brighton, United Kingdom, or via Zoom if you’re further afield.

I’m not going to just give you “6 sex tips to blow his mind”, tell you to just go buy some sexy lingerie or show you some acrobatic new sex positions to “get you in the mood”.

Why? Because you can do a Google search and find this already, and I bet you’ve tried this, too.

The process may feel a little strange, and I will ask you to gently push your comfort zones and bounce your sexual boundaries. We’ll be diving into areas that usually nobody talks about. I’ll need you to be brutally honest with me, and for you to be willing to feel vulnerable.

You must be willing to show up and do the work. 

Your investment for this life-transforming process comes in two tiers:

To work together for 12 weeks, you pay £2,797

To go even deeper and work together for 24 weeks, you pay, £4,997

There are payment plans available too. This will be the most intense yet rewarding work you will ever do for yourself, you’ll feel the benefits for a lifetime. 

What the process will include:

We’ll dive into what’s really blocking you from experiencing the sex, love and intimacy you really, truly desire.

My process uses elements from clinical sexology, cognitive behavioural techniques, tantric and taoist exercises, and somatic awareness. I work from a completely holistic, person-centered, and sex-positive approach to embrace all of you and affirm your sexuality.

Where have you come from?

What messages you received about sex, sexuality, pleasure, and your body growing up. Cultural messages about women and sexuality.

Creating safer space

How to navigate triggers and create a safe space within your body again. Owning your body as your own. Owning your YES and your NO.

Pleasure and Ecstasy

The different types of pleasure. Your relationship with pleasure. Creating moments of ecstasy. Slowing down and paying attention to pleasure.

Awaken Sexual Energy

Exploring your sexual energy and most authentic sexual self. Awakening your desire and connection to the universe.

Turn ons and turn offs

Working with what your sexy contexts are. What's hitting your accelerator and your brakes. Getting clear on what it is you really want.

Body Image

How to finally fall in love with your body. Becoming sexually empowered in your body. Reclaiming your body as your own.

Va Va Vulva!

The pleasure-infused sex education you never got in high school. Pleasure anatomy and feeling confident in your vulva.

Self-pleasure Magic

Creating your own self-pleasure practice. Debunking myths and releasing shame. Self-pleasuring techniques for ecstatic connection to your body.


Find your sexual voice. Re-kindle your lust for life and desire for more.

Taboos and Shadows

Embrace your sexual shadow. Understand dark fantasies and hidden desires.


Finding your YES. Giving yourself permission to want and have what you want. Allowing yourself to embody your desires.


Bringing all of this together to create your own unique erotic roadmap and sexual toolkit to become empowered in your relationships.

Lucy Rowett, sex goddess, sex and relationships coach, Brighton

What you'll receive

In-depth and transformational 90 minute sessions

Guided meditations and breathing exercises

Downloadable PDFs and worksheets

Access to my exclusive membership program: The Liberated Collective

Unlimited email and WhatsApp support

testimonial, sex goddess, sex and relationship coach, Lucy Rowett
sex goddess, sex and relationship coach, Lucy Rowett

“When can I start?”

First, you need book a free 30 minute Sexual Transformation Call with me to see if we would be the right fit for each other, then I will send you the intake forms and your first invoice and we schedule our sessions! Our first session will be a 90 minute introduction to get underneath what is blocking you and create your custom plan. We meet every other week for 90-120 minutes so there is lots of time and we don’t feel rushed. In between sessions you have unlimited whatsapp support, access to The Liberated Collective Portal of materials, a welcome gift package, and free access to any online or in-person workshops I run. 

Everything that happens in session is fully confidential, the only exceptions are if I feel that you or somebody else is at risk of serious harm (because your wellbeing and mental health are my priority) or if I need to share something with a supervisor or another trusted colleague if I need another expert opinion. Your details will be kept anonymous and your privacy will be protected. 

To your inner sex goddess and living a life filled with pleasure

Lucy xx


I know how scary and vulnerable it feels asking for help with sexuality, this is why you can speak to me for 45 minutes for free with no obligation to commit to the full program. If you’re fed up of having no confidence in the bedroom, if you’re fed up of feeling shy and awkward and you’ve tried LITERALLY EVERYTHING else, then I’m here for you.


“Will it be weird?”

It depends what you mean by weird! All sessions are talk-only and fully clothed. But I will be asking very deep and personal questions, and I will need you to be brutally honest with me. We’ll be working on really deep issues and it may feel really uncomfortable at times. This is where the magic happens!

“This sounds great! Are payment plans available?

Yes! Payment plans are available on request.  I will send you an electronic invoice via Stripe, or you can pay via bank transfer. 

“I’m not based in Brighton or the UK, can we still work together?”

Yes! I’ve worked with clients from all over the world and I know that my methods WORK. This process is just as effective if we meet via Zoom as it is working face to face, although many people do want to work with my live too. 

“I’ve done a lot of work in therapy already, do I need to do this too?”

You will get the most benefit from working with me if you’ve already done work in therapy or in personal development before, because we’re going to go even deeper. Only you will know if you feel comfortable working with me, and I know that I’m not right for everyone. This is why I offer a free 45 minute call to see if we’re the right fit for each other. 

“Do you only work with women?”

My primary work is with women and those who are female identified as this is my specialty and what I am most effective at. I do take on male clients on a very limited basis, depending on if I feel they are committed to the process, are willing to invest financial and emotionally, and if I feel I can help them. If you think I am the right fit for you, fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch. 

“Do I need to be in a relationship or married to work with you?”

No! In fact, if you’re currently single or dating, investing in your developing your sexuality will put you in the best possible space to find the right relationship for you.