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Hi, I'm Lucy

I’m a sexologist and intimacy coach who is passionate about helping smart, overthinking, highly driven women feel fabulous in their bodies, have epic sex, and feel liberated on all levels by releasing shame and embracing all the fucking pleasure!

I make talking about sex as easy as talking about what you’re cooking for dinner tonight, and exploring pleasure as natural as breathing. 

I want you to have the sex, love, and relationship that you deeply desire, and will give you the tools to make it happen. 

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More About Me

I’m a 30-something, empathic, quick minded, tea-loving, and expletive-laden sex geek.

I am British, born and raised in London- yet I’ve always felt more an international citizen. I am so grateful to have grown up in a multi-cultural and diverse place because it gave me a solid grounding for later on in life. 

Right now I live in Brighton, United Kingdom with my gorgeous partner- a German man. I adore travelling, networking, and speaking, especially if it’s for work. 

Let’s get better acquainted, so imagine that we’re sitting in a cafe with a cuppa.

I’ll take an Earl Grey, extra strong, with milk, please.

Why and how did I become a sex coach? 

A lot of people ask me why and how I became a sex coach, and it is a very verrrry long story.

If you want the full story, grab another cuppa and read it here.

The summary is this:

I intimately know what it is to rebuild your life, to heal on all levels, to go through Faith and spiritual deconstruction, to reclaim your sexuality, and to make friends with your body again. 

A huge part of my own healing journey- both in Faith deconstruction and healing my body and shattered nervous system- was understanding my story and rediscovering and reclaiming my sexuality. 

From the first ever conscious sexuality retreat, to umpteen tantra workshops, to taking sexology training and being in classrooms, conference halls, talks, classes, tents, and retreats, I found what I love to do, and why you are here on this page:

To help you release shame and embrace pleasure and eros as your birthright. 

Lucy Rowett, sex goddess, sex and relationships coach, Brighton

Ready to break out of Good Girl Syndrome?

As a reformed, “Good Girl” and overachiever, I want to help you discover the pleasure and joy that comes from discovering your authentic sexual self, to love your body, and create the passionate and intimate relationship/s you really want.

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Who You Are

I’m going to get very specific about the kind of woman I work best with so you can decide if we’re a good fit.

  • You may be married, in a long-term relationship, single, or any other relationship status.
  • You’ve done the work in coaching, therapy, or personal development, but sex is still a big problem.
  • You may come from a Faith or conservative background or culture where sex was something, “sinful”, “dirty”, and not what, “Good Girls” did.
  • You struggle to feel good in your body and to “let go”.
  • You flinch when your partner touches you.
  • You feel empowered in every other area of your life, but feel clueless about sex and intimacy.
  • You struggle to ask for what you want in bed and turn into a mouse when you do.
  • You know that there should be more to love and sex, but have no idea where to start
  • You want complete integration: mind, body, soul, spirit, and sexuality
  • You believe that pleasure is important but struggle to embody it in your life and relationship/s.
  • You’re no stranger to, “the work”. You’re fully committed to showing up.
  • You’ve prayed, you’ve manifested, journalled, danced, done shamanic rituals, opened all your chakras, written forgiveness letters, maybe tried a yoni egg, and now you’re ready for the next step
erotic self care, Lucy Rowett, sex coach

This is also you

  • You are creative, intuitive, and insanely curious about life
  • You care deeply about many issues in the world right now and often feel overwhelmed about where to start.
  • You never felt like you fit in anywhere, and hate feeling like you’re in a high school popularity contest
  • You overthink a lot and want to know how to stop
  • You passionately believe in equal rights, inclusivity, social justice, and healing AND you want to feel in ease and flow.
  • You want a better world of equal rights for all, for girls to be empowered, and for women/womxn to step into their power all over the world
  • You’re determined to do better for your kids so that they can grow up without the shame you received, but need the tools and skills to know how
New Years Ritual, New Year's Eve, Manifesting

Ready to get started? I can’t wait to meet you!

My Approach and How I work

I want you to know exactly who I am, how I work, and what I stand for, so that your decision to work with me can feel like a solid, “Hell Yes!” or, “No thanks, I don’t think you’re the right fit for me.”

I combine evidence-based sexuality education, somatic exercises, movement, and holistic sacred sexuality practices to help get you out of your head and into your body.  

My approach is, “neck up” and “neck down” or, “East and West”, because I believe you need to have the cognitive information AND the tools to get into your body. 

Because while talking therapy is awesome for many things, it is not enough when you’re working with sex. You need pleasure-focused tools and exercises and body-based practices too.

I make the big, scary, and taboo topic of sex, as easy to understand and talk about as your shopping list. 

No B.S., Fluff, or faff

While I love using holistic practices and incorporating spirituality into this work, I am firmly no BS, no woo or fluff, and pro-science and evidence.

I will always call a vulva a vulva, not a yoni, and when I talk about vibrations, I mean the sex toy kind.

Sessions with me can go deep, but are often peppered with laughter and f-bombs, because humour is important when we’re working with sexuality. Think about it, you want sex to be passionate, intimate, raw, and fun, right? Let’s explore how to do this in our sessions.

I have been described as very easy to talk to, that I have a very calming voice, that I help people feel incredibly safe, that my sense of humour is terrible, and that I am completely non-judgmental

(Let’s face it, I’d be in the wrong bloody job otherwise.)

I want you to walk away from our sessions thinking first, “I’m normal!”, then, “I CAN do it!”, and finally, “That was so easy!”. 

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What It's Like To Work With Me

What Is A Sex Coach?

What I can help you with:


  • Sexual pleasure- how to have more of it and more of what you want 
  • Sexual confidence and communication 
  • Finding authentic sexual expression in a way that feels good for you and your partner/s 
  • Reclaiming and forming a new, positive, and joyful way to experience your sexuality coming from a Faith or conservative background 
  • Painful sex and vulvar pain 
  • Sex and chronic illness 
  • Sensational body image and body confidence 
  • Re-kindling the desire in your relationship 
  • Igniting your libido and discovering your eros 
  • Connecting both your spirit and your sexuality where you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other
  • Relating to your partner in healthier ways 
  • Empowered love and relationships

My Values

As a sexologist, I firmly believe that your sexuality is your birthright and is a sacred part of you. 

I’m proudly sex-positive, kink-friendly, pro-eroticism, GSRD inclusive, LGBTQIA+ inclusive, polyam and consensual non-monogamy friendly, and sex-worker friendly. 

If those terms look a bit strange to you, don’t worry, it just means that being sex-positive and sex-affirming is hardwired into my DNA, and working with me is a big fat permission slip of “HELL YEAHHHH, GIMME MORE!”

I’m for you if you’re proudly vanilla, monogamous, heterosexual, and a bit bewildered by this world of sex-positivity when all you want is to have a better bonking time with your partner and to feel like a sex goddess.

I am pro-choice and pro-reproductive rights, I support a woman/uterus owner’s right to choose, and that access to reproductive healthcare is a human right. 

Think of me as your sexual fairy godmother, guiding you to find your YES to what you do want, and feel more confident to say NO to what you don’t want.

What I deeply want to co-create in the world

I want to live in a world where we feel no shame in our bodies.

Where pleasure is taught as standard in sexuality education.

Where you know on a deep cellular level that your sexuality is yours first.

Where evidence-based and pleasure-focused sexuality education is taught as standard to our young people.

Where you resource yourself first before giving to your partner.

Where everyone feels empowered in their, “No”, and their, “Yes”, and this is respected.

Where sex workers are given the respect and dignity as we give other workers.

Where gender, sex, and relationship diversity are accepted as the norm. 

And where women support each other’s sexual and sensual liberation rather than tearing each other down.

Through my work, I aim to co-create this with my clients, colleagues, and friends. 

I abide by the following principles and guidelines:

The World Association of Sex Coaches Code of Ethics (TL:DR: Sexuality is essential to your humanity, stand up for sexual rights and inclusivity, and do no harm.)

The World Association of Sexual Health Declaration of Sexual Rights (TL:DR: Sexual rights are human rights)

The World Association of Sexual Health Declaration on Sexual Pleasure (TL:DR: Pleasure = GOOD!)

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

If I think that I am not the right fit for you or do not have the right skills to support you, I will tell you, and happily refer you to a trusted colleague or resource instead.

Ready to get started? Learn more about my programs for women below. 

Professional Bio 

I’m not just a pretty face, I have real credentials and sex smarts too.

Lucy Rowett, CSC CS ACS

I am a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Coach. I was trained by the pioneer of sex coaching, Dr. Patti Britton at Sex Coach U.

I am a professional member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, American College of Sexologists International, and an organizational member of the World Association of Sexual Health. 

I have extensive media experience and am regularly quoted in publications such as Kinkly, Glamour, Dare Magazine, Mind Body Green, Brides Magazine, Sexual Health Magazine, Tinder Swipe Life, Womanizer, Dames, Men’s Health Australia, and Oprah Magazine. 

I am a regular guest on podcasts, radio shows, and guest teaching. 

I am fully insured and engage in regular ongoing professional development. I make it my business to keep up to date with the latest research, ideas, and therapy styles in human sexuality. 

Other Trainings

  • 3 live SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring) trainings, including as a co-facilitator, with Sex Coach U and The Sex Positive Institute in Warsaw, that is required by AASECT for certification.
  • European Sexual Diversity Training with Dominic Davies and Dr. Agata Loewe from Pink Therapy.
  • Level 2 Counselling Training at Sussex Downs College.
  • Trauma Awareness Training with Catherine Hale.
  • Introduction to Somatic Experiencing Training with SOSI UK.
  • Regular conferences such as World Association of Sexual Health Congress 2017, Pink Therapy Conferences, and COSRT Conference. 
  • Diploma in The Psychic Arts and Holistic Healing with The Holistic College of Eastbourne.


I continue to invest in my ongoing professional development because I care about my work and I care about your transformation.

People Who Have Influenced Me and My Work

Dr. Patti Britton

The pioneer of sex coaching and my mentor and trainer. She will forever hold a place in my heart as the person who ignited my passion for the field of sexology.

Cyndi Darnell

I have had occasional supervision sessions with her, and love her approach of using somatic sexology tools along with skills from relationship therapy.

Barbara Carrellas

Her book, Urban Tantra, is one of my firm favourites that I recommend to all my clients and love the exercises. I value her commitment to making tantra and sacred sexuality practices accessible and inclusive to everyone

Seani Love

He is an advocate for sex work, sex workers rights, and kink as a healing tool. Having worked with him both personally and experiencing conscious kink, and as a dear friend and colleague, I feel privileged to know and recommend him.

Dominic Davies

The founder and CEO of Pink Therapy, the world’s leading therapy training organization to work with Gender, Sex, and Relationship Diversities. I have taken training and conferences with him, and highly endorse his and Pink Therapy’s work.

Catherine Hale

I have taken trauma awareness trainings with her, and much of this is reflected in my client work and personal practice. Her focus on, “body first”, giving choice in all sessions, and aiming for doability rather than pushing you past your limits. 

Dr. Emily Nagoski

Her groundbreaking book, “Come As You Are”, introduced me to the dual control model of sexual response, and understanding the role of the “brake”, and “accelerator”.

Dr. Betty Dodson

The woman who taught women to masturbate and orgasm since the 1960’s. her BodySex method and book, “Sex For One”, are a huge feature of my work.

Dr. Peter Levine

The pioneer of Somatic Experiencing and leader in the field of trauma resolution. His work has impacted me deeply both personally and professionally. 

WASC, sex coaching, sex coach, Lucy Rowett
American College of Sexologists International, Lucy Rowett

Non sex related trivia about me:

  • I adore languages and used to speak French and Spanish fluently.
  • If I’m not looking up the latest news and articles in sexuality, I’m looking at guinea pig videos- I’m just so obsessed with these fluffy little creatures!
  • I’m also obsessed with tea. Check my Instagram where I post regular pictures about the tea I’m drinking.
  • I love latin dancing- salsa, bachata and kizomba
  • To relax I love reading trashy historical fiction or watching historical documentaries. I love to lose myself, imagining being in a castle wearing a flowing dress. 
  • I love experimenting with fashion and always wearing lots of colours, patterns, or just plain black. 

Ready to get your intimate life back on track again?

Gain sexual confidence, explore your sensuality, and restore a happy bedroom. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or in a non-monogamous relationship, I can help you rekindle your desire and fall in love with your body again. 

One last word

What I do is not erotic entertainment, nor do I provide erotic services. If this is what you’re looking for, there is no shame in that and I will gladly refer you to some great resources. But this is not what I offer, sorry guys. Any inappropriate messages or pictures (and yes, that especially means dick pics!) will be swiftly deleted and blocked.  

Sending dick pics to any woman that you don’t know and has never asked for them is completely not OK. Consent is one of my core values and something that I teach all of my clients. Asking for and establishing enthusiastic consent is the bedrock to a happy bedroom and rocking relationships- both sexual and non-sexual.

May all of your erotic adventures be based on consent, concern, and mutual respect. 

Thank you for understanding.

Lucy xox