Do You Get Turned On By The Taboo?

An arm holds a black flogger against a red wall background

Do you identify as somebody who always does the “right” thing? Maybe you’re a coach, therapist, or practitioner yourself where it’s your job to do good shit to help your clients.  You do aaallll the crystals, Reiki, tapping, lightwork, the lot.  Or maybe you came from a Faith background where the emphasis was on being […]

I Have ADHD and Autism: Is It Just A Trend Now?

Lucy stands smiling with her hand touching her chest, wearing a blue dress, standing next to a light blue house in Brighton

Does *everyone* have ADHD now? Is it the latest trend? Is it actually just past trauma that is being pathologized? I want to give my perspective from my own personal experience. I have ADHD, and highly suspected Autism/Aspergers. The first is officially diagnosed, and the psychiatrist said it was almost certain I had the second […]

Ethics, Boundaries, and Red Flags In The Sexual Healing Space

Picture of Wilrieke Sophia with cropped brown hair and a v neck black top holding a feather flirtatiously, Text: Ethics and Boundaries in The Sexual Healing Space, A Conversation with Wilrieke Sophia, on a purple and pink background, and yellow

Ethics and Boundaries in the Sexual Healing Space: A conversation with Lucy Rowett and Wilrieke Sophia Conscious sexuality, tantra, and sacred sexuality can be a space for amazing healing, and yet also a space to get re-traumatized.⁠ ⁠ The past few years have seen this world rocked by allegations and stories of abuse, boundary crossings, […]

“Ladies, do you want to be like King’s Cross station?”

Pastor reading a Bible preaches in front of small crowd

I still clearly remember a visiting youth pastor saying this to our church youth group when I was a teenager. We were sitting in a circle talking about sex and relationships upstairs at St. James Alperton. It was the 00’s in North London, we were all teenagers. I don’t remember much else from his talk, […]

How Important Is Sex In Your Relationship or Marriage?

Couple lie semi naked in white bedsheets holding hands. Man wears 2 necklaces, they both wear bracelets

Is sex really that important for your relationship or marriage? You’ve probably asked yourself that question many times. Because what if you are making a fuss about nothing? Maybe you should just grin and bear it, and be grateful for what you do have together? Maybe it’s all overrated anyway and what’s the point because […]