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The biggest secret to body confidence that you WON’T find in magazines…

A while back, I found a book about the history of the human body and art. You should know by now that anything that talks about nudity and sexuality is muy bueno in my book, and it got me thinking about the topic of body image and… NUDITY! 

We don’t like nudity

We aren’t big fans of nudity here in the UK. It’s part of our prudish history that started in the Victorian era where any flesh on display was terribly scandalous.

Has it changed since then?

Well, yes and no. While you will see much more flesh on TV (and Instagram- LOL) and we can wear mini skirts, as a nation, we’re STILL don’t like our bodies. 

Ask most woman what they dislike about their bodies and I guarantee they’ll give you a long list about the parts of their bodies they feel at war with. 

Only the other day while I was in the city centre, I overheard two teenage girls talking about how they needed to get better bodies and what they wanted to change about their bodies. That made me feel sad.

Is the media to blame?

We could blame our body image issues on the mass media. We are bombarded every day with photoshopped images of the body, celebrities, diet and fitness crazes, social media influencers, and porn.

They certainly play a part in our messed up self-image but I think there’s a deeper cause. 

We have a messed up relationship with the naked body

I think one of the biggest causes of our messed up relationship with our bodies is our messed up relationship with nudity. In the west, we tend to be only exposed to the naked body in a sexualized context, and considering our messed up views about sexuality too, then isn’t it logical that our attitudes towards the naked body is… messed up? 

So I propose a radical way to combat unhealthy body image and lack of body confidence: Get nekked more often!

Nude. Naked. Take it all off.

Does it sound a little extreme? I don’t think so.

If you go to the Nordic countries or Germany, you’ll know that sauna is a key part of their culture. Sauna you do butt nekked. With your friends, your family, your work colleagues. Everyone.

And it really isn’t a big deal. It’s just a body, which we all have.

Nobody has the perfect body

The magic happens the more time you spend naked around other people or see more naked bodies: You’ll feel less inhibited because you’ll see that literally EVERYONE has got body “imperfections”. 

The more sexological retreats I’ve done, the more naked bodies I’ve been privileged to witness.

Scars, wobbles, stretchmarks, moles, birthmarks or skin discoloration, knobbly knees, eczema, excess skin, scars, body hair, rolls of fat.

I’ve seen it all, and it’s all been beautiful.

What would happen to body dysmorphia and body image issues if we just saw more naked bodies?

Loving your body starts today

Learning to feel good in your body won’t start when you finally drop that extra 5lbs.

It won’t start when you punish yourself in the gym to get rid of your belly rolls.

It won’t start when you decide to stop eating carbs after 6pm.

It starts when you start to embrace your body RIGHT NOW. 

Wobbles, scars, stretch marks. Everything. 

And it can start when you feel able to take your clothes off and feel no shame.

What do you think?

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