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Your Magical New Year’s Sexy Manifestation Ritual

How were the ’10’s for you? I bet it’s been a decade of huge change and transition, and now you’re ready for the next.

Whether you’re ready to firmly slam the door on 2019, or whether it was a good year for you, I’ve got just the thing to help you let go of the bad shit and bring in the good shit.

An epic releasing sexy ritual!

Maybe you already have your own releasing ritual, so here’s my spin on it. I firmly believe in living with intention and creating magic in your life, and rituals are a perfect way to make your life more magical.

Here’s how you can start to manifest more love, joy, income, better health, more orgasms, or anything else you want in your life.

You’ll need:

  • A pen and paper
  • A candle or some incense
  • Something fireproof
  • A lighter or matches

1) Light a candle or some incense. Do whatever it is that gets you feeling in the mood.

2) Do some pu$$y breathing. (Breathing up from your pussy and into your heart and down again). Feel into your body and feel yourself centered.

3) Take one piece of paper and write out the following:

  • Everything that you are grateful for in 2019- achievements, highlights, milestones, everything that went well.
  • The biggest lessons you learned.
  • Everything that you want to let go of- old patterns, toxic relationships, beliefs that no longer serve you, painful events.

4) Then take a separate page and write out your love letter to 2020.

Write out EVERYTHING that you want to create and happen.

Think about:

  • Your health
  • Your life purpose
  • Fun and play
  • Love and relationships
  • Your sexuality
  • Your spirituality

Think about how you want to feel, how you want to look after yourself, what your self-care will look like, what will bring you joy, how you will nurture your creativity, how you want to have sex, things on your sexual bucket list, how you want your relationship to be.

Don’t censor yourself, just write out what you want to create.

5) Take the first piece of paper outside or somewhere fireproof. And burn it. Say goodbye and thank you, and let that shit go. It’s gone. Poof!

6) Create a mini altar to everything you want to bring in. Put this letter onto the altar and leave it there.

Here’s to creating the year and decade that you really, truly desire.

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