REVIEW: SO Divine Wicked Game Dual Motor Massaging Wand

I do love me a good vibe

What could be more empowering than a device designed exclusively for pleasure? In the same way that the clitoris is the only human organ who’s sole function is designed for pleasure, vibrators are like little rockets to take you to heaven and back. 

Before I start, I will acknowledge that vibrators are not for everyone.

If you find them too overwhelming and the thought of a buzzing machine on your bits is the least sexy thing you can think of, then there’s nothing wrong with you!

This is the beauty of sex toys; there is no law that says you MUST like vibrators.

If they don’t do it for you, then don’t use one.

However you cultivate pleasure is all good because as Betty Dodson says, “An orgasm, is an orgasm, is an orgasm”.

A vibrator cannot and will not ever replace a real live human being. So if your partner feels uncomfortable about you owning a vibrator because they’re scared that you’re trying to replace them, you can reassure them that you aren’t.

What they can do is add a different kind of sensation to your solo or partner play and provide an easy path to pleasure.

I think of them like adding whipped cream and marshmallow to your hot chocolate. Hot chocolate on its own is awesome, but sometimes you might want to add something extra to make it even more delicious.


Why magic wands are awesome

Vibrators are also awesome because we live in a world where the orgasm gap is real, people.

Heterosexual women are experiencing significantly fewer orgasms than lesbian women, heterosexual men or gay men.

We are experiencing a pandemic of women who have no desire for sex and feel numbed out because they aren’t experiencing real pleasure.

So what’s the quickest and easiest way to experience pleasure and orgasm? Your trusty vibrator, of course!

Enter magic wands, which are one of my particularly favourite kind of toys.

I love them because they aren’t just super versatile, but are perfect for somebody who’s been too nervous to try sex toys before.

They are not penis-shaped (which can put many people off or make a male partner feel uncomfortable), they can be used all over the body as a massager and they are decidedly “non-threatening”.

There are many different companies that sell magic wands, since the invention of the original Hitachi Magic wand in the 1960’s because they are just so damn good.

LoveHoney reached out to me and asked if I would review the So Divine Wicked Game Dual Motor Massaging Wand– and of course, how could I refuse?

The Wand

My package arrived very promptly in a plain brown box. All LoveHoney products arrive in discreet packaging to avoid embarrassment- although wouldn’t it be fun if they gave an option for sexy packaging too?

Once you open the box, the wand is nestled snug inside white foam with the charger, a welcome card, and a little bag to store it in.

Most sex toy companies will give you a little bag to store your toys in- use them!

It’s charged by USB, so no fussing around with batteries or an extension cord. But like with anything that is rechargeable, once the power’s gone, it’s truly gone until it’s charged up.

Too bad if you’re just about to climax and the power dies.

The original Hitachi Magic wand is plugged into the mains, which means that while you have an annoying cord, you have consistent power which will see you until the finish line… if you get my drift.


The So Divine Wand takes around 2 hours to charge. That was 2 hours of continually checking to see if it was ready and getting impatient because I wanted to try it right now!

It comes in a gorgeous purple colour and is made of silky soft, body safe silicone. It feels sensual, sleek and sexy; definitely the kind of toy that would look good in your bedroom.

The only downside is that it does attract dust easily, which is why you need to store it in its little bag and clean it before and after each use.

It’s ergonomic and easy to handle while not being too heavy, which would make it easier to use for somebody with more limited mobility or energy. Check out my piece on sex for spoonies here.

The wand is also 100% waterproof, meaning it’s perfect for splishy-splashy bath or shower play and makes it really easy to clean. The head is flexible and bends, ending in a tip that can be used for penetration.

The real beauty of this wand is the two motors- one at the handle and one at the insertable tip. Meaning you can switch effortlessly from a sensual body massage to genital stimulation to penetration. It boasts 3 different speeds and 7 different functions, which makes for 10 different settings.

On the website description, the wand is described as ultra quiet, which I can attest to. If you’re living in rented accommodation or just sharing your house, the last thing you want is your neighbours or housemates listening in on your fun time.

Is it powerful?

If the mark of a good vibrator is that it’s quiet, made of high quality, body-safe silicone and is powerful, I would give this wand a 3 out of 4.

Stronger vibrations don’t always mean better, especially if your body is particularly sensitive and you’re not used to vibrators.

This certainly isn’t the most powerful toy I’ve ever felt, but neither is it too weak. The large head means that it makes more contact with your genitals and stimulates more nerve endings.

The vibrating tip certainly feels pleasurable, but is it powerful enough to bring you to climax? I personally am not the biggest fan of vibrations inside of me, but this is my preference.

A fun way to use it is on top of your clothes or your knickers over your crotch. You’ll feel the vibrations all over and it feels delicious.

However, if you are somebody who requires strong vibrations in order to climax, this toy may not be for you.


Use this toy as a beginner when you want to introduce toys to your partner. You’ll have a lot of fun playing around with it as a massager that you can turn into more sexy play. It’s easy to clean and take care of and looks pretty next to your bedside. It would be ideal for someone with limited mobility, but if you’re someone who needs more powerful vibrations to climax, it may not be for you. 

You can buy the So Divine Wicked Game Dual Motor Massaging Wand from LoveHoney. Make sure you buy toy cleaner to go with it and if you use lube, use only water-based.

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