If You Dread Going To Bed Every Night

Do you sleep well?

My bed is one of my favourite places, not only because I like to snuggle, but it’s my temple. 

But is the bedroom ONLY a place of sleep for you?

Or is it also a place of silent dread, resentment, frustration, and sadness?

Where you creep into bed each night, silently praying that your partner will just want to sleep and not want to initiate anything. 

You’ve got a set of pyjamas that are the, “don’t touch me!” set, because if you wear anything more sensual, it might be an invitation that you don’t feel ready to accept. 

This is for you if you’ve been “putting up” with sex for a long time and you could never get your head around it. 

If sex is at the source of most of the arguments with your partner, and where you’ve lost count of the times that they have said, “Why can’t you just let go and relax?!!”

I know this because I see it all the time, and it’s what I am most passionate about.

Empowering womxn to fall in love with their bodies and their pleasure and actually look forward to going to bed.

And even more than that… 

  • To feel unapologetically sexy at any age, size, or shape
  • To feel empowered in their pleasure
  • To feel able to say, “NO” to what they don’t want and a “F*CK YESSS!” to more of what they do want
  • To feel more connected to their partner than ever before
  • To feel like a second honeymoon
  • To start spontaneously dancing for no reason

And even just be able to wear, *that* dress, or *that* bra, or *those* knickers and feel fabulous. 

Yes, you can have it, it is yours. You don’t have to continue living like a nun if that doesn’t feel satisfying to you.

(By the way, gentlemen, I love working with you too and have highly effective men’s programs if you want to get in touch)

Are you ready to stop living like a nun and start radically owning your sexuality, pleasure, and eroticism? Get in touch with me here and let’s take you from shutdown to shameless.

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