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Hi, I'm Lucy

I’m a sex and intimacy coach for smart, passionate, and soulful women and vulva owners. 

I passionately believe that your pleasure is your birthright. I’m here to help you embrace your erotic potential and create the intimacy you truly desire in your life, and relationship.

Let’s get to know each other and start your journey to sexual and relationship happiness. 

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What my clients say

Lucy is a great coach. Through gentle and holistic therapy, firmly grounded in a great knowledge of her subject, Lucy will give you the time and treatment necessary to get over your issues and hangups, and to become as sexually vital as you can be. Her methods are unhurried and friendly and inspire great confidence to have a go and try what she says. Her techniques are simple, effective and fun and, most importantly get great results. Highly recommended!

DM, North Wales, UK

I was not sure what to expect t when I first had my video call with Lucy, but straight away I was out at ease an enjoyed the information that was provided in session 1. Lucy really goes out of her way to help you find what you are looking for and more, with helping you to explore different avenues you never realized existed. I had wanted a sex coach to learn things that would have taken me years to lean otherwise, I could not have asked for anybody better than Lucy to help me discover more about myself and the intimate relationship with sex. I would give Lucy 5 star and would always go back to Lucy in the future if more questions pop up. Thanks Lucy

JH, Liverpool, UK

I felt so comfortable and natural working with Lucy on such personal material. She created a loving, safe, nurturing space in which I felt held, and free to talk about anything I needed to. She's also down-to-earth and super friendly! Thank you Lucy 🙂

OBM, London, UK

Lucy really, really knows her stuff. Talking with her I learnt so much and felt totally comfortable about discussing intimate and personal subjects. Thanks for your knowledge and empowering attitude.

HT, Brighton, UK
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