Want to have more pleasure and make it a HOT summer? Join my virtual summer camp for women and vulva havers this August!

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[For women and vulva havers] Summer of Bliss Virtual Summer Pleasure Camp

ONLINE, August 3-11 Opening circle on August 3, daily pleasure prompts, closing circle on August 11

Ready to start saying more, "OMG YES" (and actually mean it) instead of "No" and shutting it down?

I help the overfunctioning, high achieving, and sensitive women and vulva havers get out of your head and into simmering sexual confidence.

Step this way to de-shame your sexuality, and have the pleasure and deep satisfaction you’ve been craving.

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Hi, I'm Lucy

I help overthinking, self aware women and vulva havers de-shame their sexuality and be in their bodies.

YES, I want you to have the intimacy and connection with your darling.

AND I believe you don’t need more sex advice, what you need is to create a relationship with YOURSELF and YOUR sexuality first.

Ready to de-shame and get into pleasure?

"Lucy "got it", whatever I was struggling with. Working with Lucy transformed me. I FEEL deeply connected to myself. I THINK differently. I SEE the world differently. Lucy is such a gift. All of her personal challenges, growth, and training have blended uniquely where persons like myself are immensely blessed by her care, knowledge and coaching."
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Shae Court, Queensland, Australia
Screenshot taken from my Facebook profile of praise from a former client, Justine Dean.
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Since I started my practice in 2016, I have helped my clients to...

  • Find dates and hookups that aligned with their values
  • Find her sexual voice in a new relationship and ask for what she wanted instead of just defaulting to pleasing
  • Feel more free and confident in their bodies
  • Be able to extend their orgasms instead of trying to squeeze them out
  • Feel like their vulvas were something beautiful rather than something ugly
  • Be able to set much healthier boundaries in sex and relationships
  • Discover their kinks that they were too scared to explore before
  • Embrace the things they needed for intimacy to feel good to them that they worried were cringey
  • Have open and honest conversations with their partner about what they actually wanted
  • “Feel like a whole person in the bedroom, like there were 2 of us instead of just my boyfriend doing it to me.”

Want this for you too?

My Mission

My mission is threefold.

  1. Help women and people with vulvas realize their full erotic and sexual potential to feel deep in their bones that your sexuality belongs to you and is a wonderful thing.
  2. To help humans be fully in their bodies and see our bodies as powerful allies. There is no space for spiritual bypassing or, “love and light” here.
  3. To be part of the change in advocating for sexual rights for all, including and not limited to access to evidence-based, pleasure focused sexuality education, access to reproductive healthcare, freedom from sexual violence, and equal rights and protections for GSRD folk. 
Lucy sits in front of red curtains and plants in a room, holding her clitoris pillow, teaching a live orgasms workshop. She wears red trousers and a black lace top.

Who You Are

You are a smart, passionate, creative, and soulful woman or vulva owner.

You were probably either top of your class in school, a high achiever, or the day dreamer at the back who got told off for drawing.

You are highly ambitious but also highly sensitive and emotional, and this causes you internal conflict because you don’t know what box you fit into.

You’re a feminist, but you struggle to reconcile this and often feel like a “bad feminist”.

Social issues matter to you, you want to do better and make the world a better place.

And yet you also want to be irreverent, selfish, and push your boundaries.

You really want to feel sexy and play with your edges too.

You may have been brought up in a religious or highly conservative environment, where you learned that your body is something to keep under control, that your sexual desires were sinful, and that you had to be a Good Girl to make a Good Wife one day.

And even though you threw that baby out with the bathwater long ago, your body doesn’t agree with you.

You’ve done so much of, “the work” in therapy or personal development, and yet sex is a place that feels overwhelming to you.

You’ve worked hard to feel confident in every other area of your life, but in bed, you just freeze up and can’t feel anything.

You’ve tried to “boost your libido”, you’ve tried sex toys, you’ve tried massage, but nothing really works.

Now you’re here.

You like a bit of woo, or a lot of woo, but you also want to keep it real and live in your body, in this world.

You have no time for dogma, guru mentality, or generic statements.

You want sex to feel good, but deeper than that, you really crave to feel like sex is something that is part of you, that it is your birthright.

You crave deep satisfaction, toe curling pleasure, and a confidence that you feel deep in your bones in your sexual wholeness.

You want to feel that your sexuality can be soulful and connected to spirit.

You want to reclaim your true erotic power and full pleasure potential now, and for the rest of your life.

Maybe you just want a really, really good f*ck too.

You want to reclaim your true erotic power and full pleasure potential now, and for the rest of your life.

And you want to do it with shamelessness.

You’re in the right place, let’s get started.

Screenshot from my Facebook and Instagram of a past client sharing how much she's gotten working with me. Shared with consent, identity blurred in green.
Screenshot of whatsapp chat with a former client and student of Orgasmic Liberation course
Screenshot from my Instagram from Natasha De Grunwald
"My time with Lucy was absolutely illuminating and life changing for me and my relationship with myself. Lucy helped me recognize that I am important and that my wants and my needs are very important. I'm a bad ass babe that deserves the best! I learned that sex is something never thought to us growing up and is a skill to be learned. Sex is not something to be ashamed of but something absolutely yummy and beautiful, Lucy helped me see this."
Andrea, Puerto Rico

How to have what you really want in bed

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What my clients say

"My experience working with Lucy genuinely has changed how I look at sex and intimacy. I am not abnormal! I have just had traumas that have made me disconnect from body. I now have tools and ways of looking at sex in a completely new light. And some of these are such simplistic things. I thought I was the only one that doesn't have sexual thoughts. I have learnt that for some people they need a stimuli for any sensation or feeling to arise. Game changer just knowing this. Also the fact I am turned on by kindness and someone's heart not their dick or how big it is or what they look like. Thank you Lucy"

"This was an incredibly informative, healing and sensitively-led course, and Lucy went above and beyond to help us deconstruct some damaging received ideas with carefully planned modules and heaps of resources. Her embodied movement sessions really helped shift the work from brain to body and was a unique part of the experience that I’ve found lacking elsewhere. Working with a coach in a small group did lots more for me than reading and podcasting alone, and I would really recommend it."

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