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Why your cat will teach you to have better sex (yes, really!)

Before I start, if you are definitely not an animal lover or a cat person, this article may not be for you. Sorry.

However, if you are like me and turn all gooey when you meet a new animal friend, and are also wondering what the hell I’m on about, then stick around.


Cats and other floofy creatures can teach us to have better sex for one specific reason: they know how to be completely in the moment and receive.

Have you ever given a cat (or other fluffy animal) a belly rub and scratch?

Picture this right now: you are sitting on the sofa and Pushkin is lying next to you, belly to the ceiling and paws bent. You are giving him the scritch of his god-damn-life and he is rolling around and lapping it all up.


Does he look like he’s enjoying it? Yes he is.

Does he look the slightest bit guilty for taking up your time or energy because you really should be doing something else right now? No, he most definitely is not.

Is he being completely in the moment and soaking up all the touch, with full enjoyment? Of course he is.

Will he then get up when he’s done, or if you finish before he’s ready, will he swat your hand to continue? Yes, he bloody well will.

If you love cats, grew up around cats or have somehow been seduced by your neighbourhood cat, you’ll know that cats have no problem in demanding what they want and then soaking it all up with no shame at all.

They are shameless in their pursuit of pleasure and getting what they want.

When they enjoy something, they enjoy it with all of their senses and lose themselves in the moment.


So what has this got to do with sex? Everything, darling.

You see, if you are feeling shut down in your body, like your libido has long gone, or like there’s something wrong with you and that you’re just going through the motions of sex, you’ve lost your connection to your pleasure.

I’m guessing that you spend most of your life trapped in your head, where you overthink and overanalyze everything (including why you don’t like sex anymore), so you don’t know how pleasure feels in your body.

Or, when you do allow yourself a treat or your partner gives you a much needed massage, do you find yourself feeling guilty? You are already thinking of what you can do in return, or beating yourself up for taking some time for yourself when there is just so much else you have to do.

Cats can teach us how to slow down, be present, and really enjoy themselves.

When was the last time you asked for exactly the kind of touch that you really want, and then allowed yourself to receive it, with no guilt or feeling that you had to do something in return?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to lie down in the sun, feel all of the sun’s rays caressing your body and enjoy the moment?

What if, you could choose to cultivate as much joy, bliss and pleasure into your life? What if you allowed yourself to slow right down, pay attention to sensation and then allow yourself to enjoy?


Because this really is one of the biggest secrets in sexology, that I have just shared with you right now. If you were to take this one principle and embody it into your life, you will already be half way there.

Practice pleasure-ful-ness.

It’s like mindfulness, but with an emphasis of really paying attention to pleasure and allowing yourself to enjoy. For no other reason that you deserve to feel good.

The more you can practice pleasure, cultivate pleasure and pay attention to pleasurable sensations, the more your cup will be filled up. When you can allow yourself to receive without feeling guilty, and luxuriate in feeling all of the pleasurable feels in your body, you’ll find yourself responding more.

So use Pushkin, or Archie, or little Tilly as your invitation to be the Pleasure Queen.

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